Learn about your obligations as a committee, and how to deal with various issues that arise.

  • Tennis Victoria has engaged the services of two independent Consultants to assist with governance issues as required. Please fill in this enquiry form should you wish to make use of this service.
  • This fact sheet details how your club can effectively form a relationship with government, including how to create a Local Government strategy.
  • This document outlines how Victorian Tennis Clubs can use the Safeguarding Children Guidelines and Club Resource Kit released by Tennis Australia to address the standards.

    The Tennis Australia resources can be found at
  • This handy fact sheet covers insurance provided to affiliated clubs through the Tennis Australia National Insurance Program. Find out about insurance coverage for your club, your officers (committee), and your players.
  • This course is part of the Let Kids be Kids campaign to address poor sideline behaviour at junior sport. There are a suite of resources available to support sports clubs and associations tackle poor behaviour at kids sport. From Play By The Rules.
  • The guide details legal duties of not-for-profit committee members in Victoria. From JusticeConnect.
  • A quick guide detailing Victorian rules and procedures for calling and holding annual general meetings, special general meetings and committee meetings.
  • A summary of the steps your incorporated association must take in order to submit its annual statement to Consumer Affairs Victoria properly.
  • A Constitution specifically designed for tennis clubs. This template is available for clubs to use when updating or renewing their Constitution and covers all the current Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and other legislative requirements. Please contact your Club Development Officer or Tennis Victoria Places to Play team for a copy/further information.
  • This policy is designed to protect the health, safety and well-being of those who participate in tennis by ensuring that discrimination, vilification, harrassment and abuse have no part in the sport. It is binding on Tennis Victoria, its affiliated clubs, centres and associations, and all players, administrators, coaches and officials.
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