Diversifying your membership options and offering online renewal and payment is key to attracting and retaining club members.

  • Listen to what other clubs are saying about online registrations and payments using My Tennis in this video.
  • A step-by-step guide to online membership with My Tennis.
  • An editable pdf guide which can be given to players, to assist them in purchasing a membership online with My Tennis.
  • The word doc version of the above document.
  • Maximise your TennisConnect rewards by using the Rewards tool in My Tennis to send your members an invitation to create their tennis account.
  • Print a customisable poster to create awareness at your club about creating tennis accounts.
  • Use this editable PDF to create a quick reference point for purchasing an online membership. Can be used on a website, in a newsletter or displayed in the clubhouse.
  • This guide explores innovative membership categories (plus extras) to try at your club, and how to set them up on My Tennis.
  • A customisable template you can use to collect player information. Includes sample terms and conditions and the Tennis privacy statement which all clubs should be aware of.
  • Where does your player registration data go? What is the process for data to be entered into My Tennis? Your questions answered here.
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