Tips for how to set up, and get the most out of your website and social media channels.

  • This quick checklist from Tennis Australia is all you need to master to have a good club website.
  • Setting up and maintaining a website involves many legal considerations. This guide from Not For Profit Law covers the important points for clubs to think about.
  • This guide from Tennis Australia explains how to boost the ranking of your tennis club's website in search engine results.
  • This guide from Tennis Australia covers the steps in setting up a Facebook page for your club. Includes advice on how to make your page look good, and information about boosting a post.
  • A quick guide on the basics of social media for tennis clubs.
  • ClubHelp offers advice on setting up a Facebook page, Teamapp and club website. There isn’t one best method to get information out internally and externally so you should consider what your club is capable of managing.
  • Looking to enlist the help of someone to look after your club's social media needs? Use this sample position description from Sports Community when approaching someone so they know what the job entails.
  • Social media can impact your organisation in many ways. This fact sheet from Not-for-Profit Law outlines some key issues for community organisations, and strategies for reducing risk.
  • Whilst this document is aimed at venues with the Book A Court online booking system in use, all clubs can benefit from tips regarding club websites and Facebook pages.
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