How to raise the profile of your club in your local area.

  • Free Tennis Days are about opening your club to your local community and encouraging people of all ages and abilities to pick up a racquet and have a hit.
  • Register to host a Free Tennis Day at your club, to receive a free pack of giveaways and promotional material to assist in running your day. You will also be entered in the ballot to be aligned with a main draw player at Australian Open 2017, with the chance to win $5000.
  • This guide offers plenty of examples on how to run a successful Free Tennis Day.
  • Whilst this document is aimed at venues with the Book A Court online booking system in use, all clubs can benefit from tips regarding club websites and Facebook pages.
  • Are other sports all the talk in town? It's probably because they're getting the attention in local media tv, radio and newspapers. tells you how
  • has put together a mini toolkit with tips and information on building a more welcoming club environment for new players and members.
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