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Hot Shots in Hot Spots a big winner in Port Fairy

01 Mar 2018

The concept of "Hot Shots in Hot Spots" is to bring ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, with its modified balls, racquets and nets, to holiday ‘hot spots.’ Port Fairy Tennis Club has successfully run the program for four years now, in January over the school holiday period, when the township is filled with holiday makers! 

This summer the club held coaching 5 days a week for just over a fortnight, with over 400 places available over the period. A coach was brought in to run the sessions, this year across two locations in town – which enabled guests from both caravan parks to attend. Club Secretary Alison Zehir was pleased with the point of difference in this year’s program, the brand new courts! “This year we were very happy to be able to run some of the program on our wonderful newly resurfaced courts. These new courts are a welcome addition to the club who have worked for years to be able to finally have safe and playable courts.”

The program had been previously funded with the Moyne Shire’s Festival and Events funding, which assists community groups to deliver festivals and events within the Shire. This money enabled the club to grow the program, which is now entirely self-funded!

Promotion of the program was conducted entirely through free channels - the club and community Facebook page and being featured in the programme of the local summer festival, the Moyneyana Festival. Posters were also displayed in town and at the caravan park.

All bookings were made through the club’s website and managed using a simple Google form – an easy and free way to collect information.

The club ran a few Cardio Tennis sessions for adults and teenagers, which also proved a hit!

The next stage of the redevelopment at Port Fairy is now in focus, which will include installing lighting to enable evening and night competition to begin. The club has also recently begun using the Book A Court system, which allows court hire and payment without the need for keys to be collected, which is very useful in a busy holiday period. The system keeps the brand new courts locked when not in use, protecting them from potential misuse but allowing casual court hirers access when it suits them.

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