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RECAP - ANZ Victorian Community Tennis Forum #9

18 Apr 2017

“Successful club and coach relationships”

We had an incredible turnout for the first forum of 2017. It was great to see so many coaches in the room. Read on for a summary of the most frequently discussed items on the night.

Issues and challenges that can be present in a club/coach relationship

Issues surrounding the coach’s contract with their club/s, including;

  • Responsibilities of both parties unclear, such as court maintenance
  • Length of contract tenure
  • Fees coach pays to the club
  • Formalised agreement not present
  • Coach business running at multiple venues

Breakdown in communication between club and coach, for example because the coach does not attend the committee meetings, or is unable to attend because the meetings are always during coaching hours. A breakdown can also occur when there is a change of committee members, or when one party is unwilling to change or try new things.

Disagreements regarding court access, i.e. sharing court allocation fairly between coaching, competition, member access and public court hire. Poor facilities can exacerbate this issue.

Transfer of information between coach and club and willingness to share coaching client details.


Learnings to take back to your venue

Clubs and coaches need to work together and establish a strategy, vision and goals. These should be written down so they can be referred back to later and are not forgotten. Both parties need to be on the same page regarding what the future looks like. This could be in the form of the club and coach developing a long term business plan together.

Use the updated club/coach agreement template and resources available from Tennis Victoria. Put a formal agreement in place if you don’t have one.

Foster clear communication between club and coach, with discussion regarding whether expectations of both parties are being met. Ensure such a discussion happens at least annually. Schedule a time for a check in or update, e.g. invite the coach to give an update at every committee meeting.


Watch a full replay of the forum here.

Access the Tennis Victoria resources in the Club/Coach Relationships section.

The next Community Tennis Forum is on August 2nd. 

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