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Wangaratta Hardcourt are onto a FAST4 winner

02 Nov 2017

The Wangaratta Hardcourt Tennis Club has been running a booming FAST4 competition for over a year now, with around 40 players participating. The competition started with six teams but has just grown bigger and bigger, as new people move into town and see the competition advertised on the club’s Facebook page.

Club Secretary Maria Pulvirenti said she recently had a lady give her a call saying she had just moved to Wangaratta and loves tennis, and saw the FAST4 competition on the club’s Facebook page. “She asked if she could come down and have a hit and meet some new people in Wangaratta. She has been playing every week as we always need a fill in and loves it! She has made lots of new friends through tennis.”

Wangaratta's FAST4 competition is mixed, and is run on Thursday nights for a 10 week season starting at 7pm and finishing at about 8.15pm. The players love it as most are workers who don’t want to spend hours at traditional night tennis. “The workers all come to play FAST4 tennis and get some form of exercise after work, not to mention for the laughs and friendships that happen,” said Maria of the players who come to the club. “We just had a new team join in and they can’t believe how much fun FAST4 is. People love it because it’s very social and funny.” Maria has even had a query from a member of another club a 30 minute drive away who wants to start FAST4 at their venue. Such is the success of the seniors format, the club has decided to start a version for juniors on Saturday mornings during summer. 

The club gives out a prize each week to the player that wins the most set and games against, but each player can only win the prize once in a season. A photo of the winner is posted on the club Facebook page every Thursday night.

It is not too late to run a short FAST4 competition during summer at your club. Registration through Tennis Victoria is free! Each venue will receive a box of FAST4 branded balls, FAST4 merchandise to be used as prizes and FAST4 net banners. Register here.

Any questions can be directed to Jake Dunn on jdunn@tennis.com.au or 8420 8434.

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